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L I T T L E  M I G H T Y  &  M I N T

Isn't that exactly what kids are?

They might be tiny in size, but they fill our hearts and lifes in the mightiest way.

Unspoiled and perfect - In absolute MINT condition. 

L I T T L E  M I G H T Y  &  M I N T  

isn't just clothes - It is our little playground. We want to do all things for small people, and maybe a bit for their parents too. 

Knitwear is one of our passions - and collection no.2 is super comfortable summer knit styles in GOTS certified cotton. Available on the shop now. 

Our univers

Organic Cotton Summer Knits


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Teeny & Tiny

Mint & Mighty

Hangers with custom name engraving - Perfect for every kids room, for that special favorite pieces of clothing, that deserves some extra love in the closet. 

Hand dyed bedding - Is there any better way to go to sleep? 

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Good, Great,

Quality is important to us. We strive to make the absolute best products we can. All materials are top quality produced in Europe, carefully selected to make long lasting products. 

High prices on the other hand - is not something we are particular fond of. Therefore, we have cut out the middlemen, and sell exclusively online. That way we avoid any unnecessary mark-ups, and can offer great value for money. 
We hope you agree!