Of course it started with a little person...

My son. My  L I T T L E   M I G H T Y   &   M I N T  man.

And that little guy, as well as all other children - deserves nothing but the best.

But when it comes to kids clothing, the best is often very expensive.

So we have cut out the middlemen, and sell everything ourselves. This way we can offer high quality garments, to reasonable prices.

When it comes to materials - Cotton, Linen, Wool and Silk are some of our favorites. We solely work with natural materials and preferably Organic or Oeko-Tex. And one day all will be organic - that is for sure! 

Here we don’t follow the normal fashion seasons – we just make collections. And we launch them as soon as they are ready.

Collection #1 – our very first, was launched in March 2017, and many more will follow.

But we are not done here - L I T T L E   M I G H T Y   &   M I N T  wants to do more than just dress the small people, we are slowly building a small univers with all things pretty. So please follow us along this journey and see what we come up with. 

We are certain that it will be a magical trip with loads of gorgeous products.